Sometimes controlling premature ejaculation is simply a matter of practicing certain techniques or exercises to get you precisely in a control situation. First, you must understand why you ejaculate too soon. This can be a physical or psychological problem, and you may need diagnosis from a doctor before choosing a method that suits you.
Kegels is a popular and effective way to strengthen the muscles pubococcygiens (PC) surrounding the scrotum. The women were the first to try Kegel exercises to increase sexual pleasure during intercourse, but later it was found that men, too, could s' use it to control premature ejaculation.
The pubococcygiens muscles (PC) are actually pelvic muscles that control the ejaculation process by determining when to let the seminal fluid located in the prostate gland propel through the urethra and penis. Kegel, these exercises are not difficult and can be practiced several times a day for about five minutes, when you are alone and nobody knows.
Learning how to perform Kegels is easy, once you locate the PC muscle.
Here's how to locate the muscles and perform the exercise:
1 - When you go to the bathroom to urinate, try to stop several times in the middle of the flow by tightening. The muscles you tighten are the PC muscles that control urine flow but also ejaculations.
2 - Now that you know the feeling of tightening the PC muscle, practice few times daily by squeezing   (no urination)   for about 10 seconds. Then relax them, about the same length of time, tighten again. Repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times.
The other exercises that can help reduce the appearance of premature ejaculation are:
3 - Practice the self-stimulation when you are alone. Watch for signs your body give when you are ready to ejaculate and try to stop it just before. Notice the sensation in your body when you stop abruptly. Wait for a while and repeat this practice again (stop and start) until you feel you have control of ejaculation.
4 - Use lubricants when you stimulate. This mimics the hot and humid area of the woman's vagina. Practice this method of starting and stopping until you feel have control over your ejaculation.
The practice creates more time for you and your partner and as time goes, practicing this daily will make premature ejaculation a thing of the past.