As majority of smokers know, quitting smoking is not an easy task. Relapses are common and the will   often shows few signs of weakness.
Yet with good information, an effective strategy and advice, stop smoking is now easier with the panoply of methods and existing treatments.
If the physical withdrawal is relatively short, generally on the order of one week, the psychological withdrawal is longer,   more fragile and sometimes poorly managed, thus opening the door to recurrences.
The advice of a doctor or even a specialist is called tobaccologist still proving very useful for the management and monitoring of one who is willing and determined to quit smoking.

Among the different methods to quit smoking, the medical method harvested much success. The "Ziban" or "Champix" for example are kinds of antidepressants acting on the parts of the brain   interfere with the pleasure or lack and thus prove very effective for some.
There are other methods to stop smoking as the method known as "cigarette laser" that can also be effective for a certain category of people. Acupuncture or group therapies are also valid. Sometimes it may be appropriate to combine several methods to increase chances of success. For example, medication accompanied by psychological and / or medical care often lead to very good results.
Ultimately, there is no better method or miracle method. The success to stop smoking not only depends on the will of the person but also the choice of the method that is best suited him. Good information, good medical monitoring and dose tenacity are the keys to success for all those who want to put an end once and for all with the cigarette.