Food supplements, when obtained from competent professionals, and conducted according to a strict quality control meeting specific standards, can be a valuable asset to feel good every day. Of course, there is no question of taking a disease lightly. But by demonstrating some reason, we can leverage the benefits of plants, which are now available to us under forms and are very easy to administer, particularly in terms of dosage. Here are some diseases that particularly treat well with some plants now widely available.


Not to mention disease, except for some extreme cases pertaining to medical consultation, plants can show Allied first choice to lose few extra kilos. There are complex combining effects of several different plants, whose actions are real. Thus, the draining effect of green tea or meadowsweet is the number one enemy of cellulite. It may also fight the cravings by swallowing a capsule kelp, a seaweed with amazing appetite suppressant properties. The grape marc, birch, ash and juniper can also be useful.

Heavy legs and circulation problems

This is a condition that affects many people, but we can really speak of this as a disease. Fortunately, here too, these plants can be of great help. Thus, the red vine is the star of dietary supplements to fight against the feeling of heavy legs, and reasons for this action is due to its high astringent tannins. Other frequently used plants that can cure circulatory problems are witch hazel, sweet clover, butcher's broom, horse chestnut or the blackcurrant.


Hypertension is a big health problem you should not take lightly. Provided you have adequate medical care, plants can help alleviate those suffering from high blood pressure. A cure omega 3 is particularly recommended, to which we can associate the benefits of the olive tree, hawthorn or garlic. It also come in form of an odorless capsules, allowing those who do not like the taste or are not cool with its very tenacious odor.


We all know the causes of Tonus, which may be due to stress, a change of season or decreased immunity. Some plants, such as wolfberry, are notable for restore tone. The antioxidant goji can put right the immune system and fight against free radicals. Guarana, Acerola, ginseng, ginger, as well as pollen and royal jelly also have very real action against it.


Finally, this is part of the consequences of winter in which no one escapes, but we can mitigate through some small effective tips. Inhalation of eucalyptus lead the noses of young and old, the juice of one lemon in a cup of hot water with a good spoonful of honey will be very valuable against cold.