You can not lose weight healthily if you don't first change your eating habits. When it comes to when you want to lose weight healthily, you must draw on to this diction "You are what you eat". In short, this means you become what you put in your body. To slim down healthily, simply reduce the consumption of foods with empty calories.


The foods we eat provide us with energy which is measured in calories. However, we must distinguish the good the bad calories absorbed. Empty calories are foods that, while bringing us a high level of calories are also very low in essential nutrients. So they are foods that give us a certain dose of energy but contain no nutritional value. They are often highly concentrated with sugar and fat, without containing vitamins, fiber and minerals.

Generally, empty calories are converted in the body as fats. They hinder our effort to lose weight healthily as they diminish the feeling of hunger in a very bad way. Finally, they deprive your body of the nutrients it
needs to maintain strength and good health.

Although several manufacturers now offer snack foods containing less than 100 calories per container, rather nutritionists recommend eating more fruits and vegetables to lose weight healthily. Thus, a diet high in empty calories is generally characterized by low consumption of fruits and vegetables.


If you want to lose weight healthily, consume as little as possible of these foods each week:

- Beer, wine and all other alcoholic beverages
- High-fat foods such as breaded foods,
- Hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, pizza, fries and potato chips.
- Candies and sweets
- Commercial Chocolate bars
- Soft drinks and sweetened juices
- Ice creams, donuts, etc.

Conclusion: To lose weight healthily, avoid unhealthy foods !!