To lose weight, it's important to eat well. By cons, it is wrong to believe that some fruit will make us lose weight more than others or they have properties to accelerate weight loss. No food has the property of making us lose weight whatsoever. The famous "cabbage soup" diet "Hollywood" diet "grapefruit", pineapple, lemon juice or even the famous acai berry does not make us lose weight.

In the field of weight loss, there is no miracle product. Fruit cures will not make us lose weight. Besides being monotonous and frustrating, they quickly cause the abandonment of the regime. Despite having some success in media slimming, they cause deficiency in proteins and lipids. Containing very few calories alone, they will give us the illusion of weight loss (loss of water, melting of muscle mass) in very little time but that weight will inevitably be resumed once returned to normal diet.


- There is NO fat burning fruit that makes you lose weight.

- We can not clean its interior with a fruit cure. The urine and faeces, the body is already designed to eliminate waste. The cures and detoxification will make you lose that water in addition to melt your muscle mass, without having lost weight.

- At the stop of any fruit diet, you will take all the weight lost with the yoyo effect.

Why eat fruit?

- They are a delicious and inexpensive alternative to replace the food ready, fatter and sweet / savory (savory pies, cookies, pastries, pizza, chips, etc.)

- Due to their large water content, they have a low calorie density and thus integrate itself very well to a low calorie diet, balanced and personalized.

Conclusion :

To lose weight, eat fruit in abundance. You will find fiber, vitames (A, C, B2, B6, beta-carotene) and minerals. A fruit is an excellent healthy snack and a good way to eat well. Some better than others and you probably want to include them at certain times of the day. Thus, making you lose weight much easier.